Newtown Square, PA

Finding Healing And Sobriety

In the United States today, the problem of substance abuse is a growing and dangerous one. All across the country, thousands of people struggle everyday due to a reliance on drugs and alcohol. If left untreated, the person with substance abuse issues can find their life spiraling out of control. A reliance on intoxicants can take over a person’s life, leading to job loss, declination in health, divorce, and financial catastrophe. It’s for all these reasons that drug rehab centers, like the Avery Institute substance abuse treatment facility in Newtown Square, Pennsylvania, are available to treat those who are suffering from these problems.

Treating the Whole Person at Our Drug Rehab Facility

The controlling philosophy at the substance abuse treatment facility in Newtown Square, Pennsylvania is to treat the whole person and serve their individual needs. When a client comes to our drug rehab center they will be given a personalized workup that analyzes what kind of treatment plan they need. Once this plan is established, the work begins.

Addiction Recovery That Starts With Detoxification

A client who is under the influence of intoxicants will first need to stop use of the substances, whether they be drugs, alcohol, or both, through the detoxification process. Some of the side-effects can include serious withdrawal symptoms, which can range from anxiety to nausea, vomiting, shakes, sweating, and fever. In severe cases these symptoms can be life-threatening, so the client will receive medical supervision during the entire withdrawal process. Once the client has completely detoxed and gone through this phase of addiction recovery, the therapeutic phase of treatment can begin.

Counseling at the Addiction Recovery Center

Therapy, whether in one-on-one sessions or in group sessions with other members of the recovery community, is an important aspect of healing at the addiction recovery facility in Newtown Square, Pennsylvania. Clients who commit to therapy will find support for their psychological issues as they speak openly about their problems. Clients who work within a group will always know they can speak honestly and know they have the full support of their therapist and other group members.

As counseling and recovery continue at the addiction treatment center, the client will be given help for every aspect of their substance abuse issues. The addiction treatment facility here is committed to dual diagnosis mental health treatment for those with substance abuse problems and co-occurring mental health issues. It’s been found through research that half of people who have issues with intoxicants also suffer from a co-occurring mental health issue. These two issues can work together and feed off each other in what becomes a vicious cycle, which is why it’s so important to treat both problems together to ensure the client is fully supported in recovery.

As the client begins to recover and embrace a sober lifestyle, they may be able to take part in other activities at the drug detox clinic, including classes in art therapy, wilderness hikes, yoga classes and more. All of these programs can help the client to enjoy a part of life they may have been missing due to their substance abuse problems.

After Recovery

The addiction recovery program at the Avery Institute in Newtown Square, Pennsylvania provides a major step in healing the person whose life has become caught up in substance abuse. Once the treatment is completed, it may be advisable for the client to continue in an aftercare program. This type of program might include living in a group home for an extended period of time or committing to ongoing outpatient therapy. The counselors at the center can help with creating an aftercare plan that really works for the client.

No, becoming sober isn’t easy, but it is incredibly rewarding. Anyone dealing with substance abuse problems should consider finding help through our center, and committing to a new life that is free of intoxicants. Let the healing begin now.