Newark, NJ

Detox Treatment in Newark, New Jersey

There’s a growing problem with substance abuse happening in cities and towns all over the United States today. The reality is that people who are dealing with a reliance on intoxicants can become unable to hold a job or have a healthy relationship with their families. If left untreated, these problems can take hold of a person’s entire life and leave them to being exposed to very serious health and financial problems. In some cases, a dependency on drugs and alcohol as a coping mechanism can lead to job loss, divorce, or other unfortunate fates. That’s why the Avery Institute, our substance abuse treatment facility in Newark, New Jersey, is available to help those who are struggling with drug and alcohol problems.

A Drug Rehab Facility That Treats The Whole Person

For people struggling with substance abuse issues, drug rehab centers that treat the whole person are of vital importance. Addiction recovery isn’t a simple thing. It requires a commitment from the person who is searching for recovery, and the caring support of professionals who can be there through the difficult journey towards sobriety. At the drug detox clinic in Newark, New Jersey, we understand how challenging this journey is, and we are committed to being there through the entire process.

The Detoxification Process

When a client enters our clinic in Newark, New Jersey, the first step is to undergo a detoxification from the intoxicants the person has been using. Our addiction recovery facility offers supervised detox to help the person through the physical symptoms of withdrawal. These symptoms can include anxiety, feelings of panic, sweating, shaking, vomiting, and diarrhea. The client will receive supervision throughout the duration of the cleansing process so they are safe and supported the entire time.

Psychological Support

After the client’s detox has been completed, the real work of becoming sober and committing to recovery begins. Our addiction recovery center works with the client to help discover the psychological aspects of their substance abuse issues. We offer a range of counseling services geared specifically to the person’s individual needs. These services can include group therapy, wherein the client will receive support not only from a licensed psychologist, but also the insights from others in the recovery community. The client will always be encouraged to speak openly about their issues and know that they are supported.

One-on-one counseling is also offered here at the addiction treatment center. Our addiction treatment facility is dedicated to the concept of dual diagnosis mental health treatment. It has been found that about half of people with substance abuse issues also have mental health problems that can work in a vicious cycle if left untreated. Our addiction recovery program is dedicated to treating the whole person, and every aspect of their situation.

Other programs, including group gatherings, outdoor activities, art therapy, and yoga classes are also offered as part of the dedication to our clients’ wellness plan. People who are working toward recovery find great solace in feeling part of a community and in taking part in activities they haven’t experienced due to their issues with substance abuse. These fun and engaging activities can offer a window on a part of life that may have been neglected in the past.


Once a client has left our drug detox clinic and become sober, they may need additional support in maintaining their sobriety. Our counselors will assist in creating an aftercare plan for the client to ensure they receive the help they need after leaving the facility, whether that means staying in a group home for those in recovery, or going to regular counseling and twelve-step meetings.

Attaining a sober lifestyle isn’t easy. It takes time, dedication and commitment, but it is possible, and it is worthwhile. Our treatment center here in Newark, New Jersey is available for clients who are ready to embrace a life free of substance abuse and filled with joy.