Lansing, MI

Drug Rehab Treatment in Lansing, Michigan

One of the most difficult elements of dependence on drugs and alcohol is the feeling of loss of control over one’s own life. People who are close to those who are dependent on drugs and alcohol often feel that they are no longer dealing with a loved one, but with someone with a personality that has been distorted by the intoxicants.

Our substance abuse treatment facility in Lansing, Michigan is one of the drug rehab centers created to bring support for those in need of healing and recovery. The Avery Institute drug rehab facility offers an array of services for those in need of help with recovery, including detox support and counseling. The addiction recovery program in place here in Lansing, Michigan provides clients who need it with dual diagnosis mental health treatment system, as it has been found that about half of people who use intoxicants are also suffering from some level of mental health issues.

The Program

When a client enters our addiction recovery facility in Lansing, Michigan, they will be evaluated so that our counselors can create a customized treatment plan. An individualized plan will be formulated that involves a combination of group and one-on-one counseling sessions, as well as treatment by healthcare professionals. A detoxification session will then begin, supervised by a healthcare professional at all times.


The client will undergo detox at our addiction treatment center in the initial phase of treatment. It’s very important that the client’s system be free of intoxicants so they can be very clear and rational as their therapeutic treatments at the drug detox clinic get underway. Due to the side effects that can come in when the client goes into drug withdrawal, the process will be supervised and supported at all times by a dedicated healthcare professional. Once the client has fully recovered from detoxification, the work of recovery will really begin.

Counseling and Support

Being able to honestly share one’s feelings about the experience of being in recovery is an essential part of healing. As clients work through their personal issues in therapy sessions, they are encouraged to speak freely and to know that they are supported every step of the way. This is part of the learning process that leads to healing, as each client works through the psychological experiences that are underpinning their substance abuse issues.

Counseling is a major part of the treatment process at the addiction treatment facility in Lansing, Michigan. As each client deals honestly with their situation, they find strength they had lost touch with, and a new sense of confidence and liberty.

Along with the counseling sessions and other health treatments, clients will also be encouraged to take part in group activities that are healthy and engaging. These can range from nature walks to hikes to biking, art classes, yoga, or journaling. All of these are geared towards engaging the client fully and giving them an opportunity to take part in activities they may not have been interested in before, due to their substance abuse problems.


After finishing a full course of treatment at the addiction recovery center, the client must prepare to continue their sobriety on the outside. The risk is in returning to old patterns and relationships that were harmful. For this reason some clients may need to stay in a group home after treatment for additional support. Some may continue with outpatient counseling or twelve-step meetings. A counselor at the addiction recovery program can help to line up a plan for the client’s aftercare so that it will be successful.

If help towards attaining sobriety is needed, don’t delay. Help is out there, so contact our addiction recovery clinic today.