Deerfield, IL

Help For Recovery in Deerfield, Illinois

One of the biggest issues facing the United States right now is the problem of substance abuse. Substance abuse is an often overwhelming problem that can take over a person’s life and lead to catastrophic consequences. If left untreated, a reliance on drugs or alcohol as a means of dealing with life’s problems can lead to ruinous situations like job loss, divorce, financial problems, and declining health. All of this points to the huge need for quality drug rehab centers like the substance abuse treatment facility in Deerfield, Illinois.

Here at the Avery Institute drug rehab facility in Deerfield, Illinois, the client is treated with an individualized plan that looks at the person and their situation as a whole. Once a person has entered the center for addiction recovery, a personalized plan will be created that will include counseling and detox treatment. From there, the client will set upon a journey towards recovery and towards embracing a life that is healthy and engaging.

Detoxification at the Addiction Recovery Center

Before counseling can begin, the client must undergo a detoxification process to rid the body of its dependence on intoxicants. This process may bring with it serious withdrawal symptoms, which may include sweating, fevers, shaking, anxiety, and vomiting. In some cases these symptoms can be life threatening. For this reason, clients at the addiction recovery center will be given medical supervision and support throughout the process, to ensure their safety.

After the client has undergone thorough detoxification at the addiction recovery facility, the counseling process and recovery will really begin.

Therapy and Counseling Sessions

The addiction treatment center in Deerfield, Illinois recommends a course of psychological counseling, in one-on-one settings, groups, or both, depending on the individual situation. The addiction treatment facility here encourages the client to be open about their individual issues and concerns while in therapy, knowing that they will be supported by their therapist and the other members of the recovery community. This kind of support goes a long way towards helping the client feel trust and to gain the courage needed to address the issues that are underlying the substance abuse problem.

The drug detox clinic here also works with a dual diagnosis approach to treating the client. It has been found that about half of the people who suffer from substance abuse issues also have mental health problems which may be contributing to the abuse. These two aspects can feed on each other is a kind of vicious circle if they are not both confronted and treated. It’s been found that this type of counseling and medical approach are very effective in helping the client achieve a full recovery in all the issues they are dealing with.

During and after counseling sessions, the client will be encouraged to take part in activities that encourage engagement with others in a positive way. These can include group hikes, nature walks, yoga sessions, art therapy classes, and other types of recreation that may have been missing from the client’s life when they were dealing with their substance problems.

Aftercare After Treatment

Ultimately, the treatment given at our addiction recovery program is one step in the overall healing of the client. Many clients may need to continue their recovery with aftercare. The clinic can help with recommendations for group homes and ongoing therapy and twelve-step programs that will aid in the overall and ongoing recovery for the client.

Recovery isn’t an easy process, but it can be a beautiful one. Call the Avery Institute in Deerfield, Illinois today to find out more about our programs, and let the healing process begin.