Arcadia, CA

Help For Healing in Arcadia, California

Substance abuse is a problem that affects people at every socioeconomic level. No matter what a person’s social status or financial situation, the reality is that the use of intoxicants can become a problem that spirals out of control, leaving the user lost and broken. The unrestrained abuse of drugs and alcohol, whether they are street drugs or prescriptios, can lead to the ruin of one’s career, marriage, and financial situation. Is it all worth it? No, but the need to use intoxicants can be so overwhelming, they can seem almost impossible to resist.

The impact that substance abuse is having in cities all across the United States has led to the creation of many drug rehab centers. The Avery Institute addiction treatment center in Arcadia, California, is a clinic that is geared towards bringing clients the tools they need to reach a full recovery. Anyone who is in need of help with their sobriety should consider enrolling at our substance abuse treatment facility for help immediately.

Creating a Full Treatment Plan

Clients who enter into treatment at the substance abuse treatment facility will meet with a drug detox clinic counselor who will analyze their situation and create an individualized plan. This plan will include dual diagnosis mental health treatment for applicable clients, which treats both substance abuse issues and the underlying mental health issues that may be co-occurring. Once the plan is set, the client will enter the drug rehab facility for the detoxification process.


A first step in addiction recovery is detoxification from the drugs and alcohol in the client’s system. A total withdrawal from drugs can put the client into a dangerous situation with symptoms that can include vomiting, diarrhea, sweats, fever, and shakes. Due to this, the client will be slowly weaned off the intoxicants and placed under ongoing supervision by a healthcare professional. Once the client has totally and safely detoxed, the will prepare for counseling.

Our addiction recovery center offers counseling in one-on-one or group sessions, depending on the client’s specific situation. In therapy, the client will be encouraged to be as open and honest as possible about their personal problems with substance abuse. They will be fully supported by the other members in their recovery group, as well as by their counselor, so there is no need to feel anxious about being open.

As the work of counseling continues, the client will also be encouraged to engage themselves with others in the addiction recovery facility through group activities that can include nature hikes, yoga, art sessions, horseback riding, and swimming. The joy of feeling sober and totally engaged in life may be an experience that’s been missing. These kinds of activities at the addiction treatment facility can be incredibly rewarding for a person who is embracing their sobriety and getting in touch with parts of their life they had neglected.

An Aftercare Plan

Once treatment at our addiction recovery program has been completed, plans must be made for continuing the work of recovery outside the program. A counselor at the clinic will work with the client to create a plan that will help to support their recovery in the world outside of the center. Some clients may be encouraged to enter a group home with other recovering people, as well as enroll in ongoing outpatient counseling sessions. What’s important is that the recovering client continue the hard work of maintaining their sobriety and find support for continuing with that goal.

If it’s time to begin the hard work of healing from a substance abuse problem, the Avery Institute in Arcadia, California is here to help. Call the center today to set up a consultation, and let the work of healing begin.