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How Do I Know if I Need a Drug Detox Clinic?

You may need to visit a drug detox center if you are addicted to a substance or drug. There are options available that can be customized to meet your unique situation. A stay in our inpatient treatment at our drug rehab facility in Washington DC, will provide you with the fresh start you need.

Did you know that half of clients who are struggling with addiction are also dealing with a co-occurring mental health disorder? In many cases, these clients will not even be aware of the co-occurring disorder, making successful treatment incredibly difficult. In instances where a person who is struggling with an addiction and a co-occurring disorder recieves treatment for the addiction but not the disorder, they may be more susceptible to returning to substance abuse.

This is because in some cases like this, the symptoms of the co-occurring disorder can lead a client in recovery to return to substance abuse in order to cope with the symptoms of the co-occurring disorder. In order to avoid relapse due to this reason, dual diagnosis is utilized to treat both issues concurrently.

Various triggers increase the risk of a substance abuse relapse and a return to old patterns of drug and substance use. The cause for relapse can differ, but there are some common triggers that you, as a person in recovery, should be aware of. Knowledge is important because it will keep you one step ahead of the power of relapse.

In order to avoid substance abuse, you’ll want to avoid negative emotions including sadness, anger, trauma, or stress. You’ll also want to avoid social pressures to drink or use drugs. Relapses are usually unexpected and unanticipated. Being prepared for unexpected temptation can protect you from a relapse of any kind. Relapses may appear to be benign at first.

Inpatient Drug Rehab Facility Benefits

Clients and mental health experts report higher success rates from an inpatient addiction recovery program when compared to outpatient addiction recovery. Each recovering individual faces many potential addiction pitfalls that demand more attention. This level of attention can't usually be provided in an outpatient addiction recovery center.

Our inpatient addiction treatment center in Washington DC, allows clients to get clean and address immediate physical symptoms of addiction. Each client also gains healthy coping skills and the strength and confidence needed to transition back into life after the program has been completed.

Our Washington DC Inpatient Addiction Recovery Facility Offers 24-hour care with relapse prevention and specialized treatment objectives that consider factors such as the client’s age, profession and family life.

Part of the reason why visiting an inpatient addiction treatment facility is important is because drug addiction is so difficult to overcome when people remain in close proximity to toxic situations. If you live in an atmosphere that promotes substance or drug use, includes high levels of physical, emotional or financial stress or access to drug use, it will be very difficult to begin your recovery. Drug rehab centers are an access point to recovery and a new path to sobriety. They offer a chance to start again without the constant roadblocks to recovery that you are currently surrounded with.

You can obtain the professional help that you need to get and stay sober at the Avery Institute drug rehab facility in Washington DC. Our inpatient drug rehab program is a judgment-free, private environment where you can safely address the issues that you are facing in a nurturing and clean environment with our group and individual therapy, relapse education and aftercare services. At our substance abuse treatment center, we welcome everyone!